Man Throws A Stone Into A Police Station, Dislocates Officer’s Shoulder


Police officers in Solai, Nakuru county, have arrested a middle-aged man who reportedly attacked a police officer with a projectile, while reportedly intoxicated. 

According to a police report seen by a local daily, the police officer- Eliud Misiko-  who was attacked while headed back to work after a lunch break suffered a dislocated shoulder. 

The report further says that Dennis Kibet, who is already in police custody, told police officers that he was just a curious man who wanted to have a feeling of how throwing stones at a police station feels like. 

The officer raised the alarm, leading to the arrest of the suspect, Dennis Kibet, who appeared not bothered at all by his actions,” the police report reads. 

“Kibet, explained that he wanted to have a feeling of how hurling stones at a police station felt like,” 

One of the officers who arrested Kibet then got suspicious, believing the suspect to ‘stoned’, and proceeded to frisk him, discovering 10 rolls of bhang carefully wedged in his nether region. 

“One of the officers who had arrested him concluded the conversation by saying  “hii ni bangi,” these  are the effects of cannabis,” the police report explains. 

“The suspect was arrested and, upon conducting a body search, 10 rolls of bhang carefully concealed close to his privates were recovered,” 

The suspect is currently in police custody awaiting his arraignment on charges of assaulting a police officer, as well as being in possession of cannabis. 

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