Forgive Me,’ DP Ruto Tells President Uhuru


Deputy President William has apologized to President Uhuru Kenyatta if he may have failed to meet his expectations.

Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, DP Ruto admitted that he may have failed his boss during their 10-year tenure, but he also said he had forgiven those who had wronged him.

He stated that his goal in the run-up to the General Election is to be ‘free of the debt of hurt.’

“Serving as Deputy President I may have fallen short of the expectations of my boss and his excellency the President, my good friend, I ask for your forgiveness,” said Ruto.

“I know also in this journey many people have hurt but I forgive everybody. I want us to go into this election free of the debt of hurt and free of debt of forgiveness.”

The second-in-command also took the opportunity to wish President Kenyatta well as he prepares to leave office in August, to enjoy the legacy he has built during his tenure.

“And as you head to retirement, it is my prayer that God will give you every aspiration of your heart and make it possible for you to enjoy the legacy that you have built and the peace that God will give you,” Ruto said. 

Concerning the upcoming General Elections, DP Ruto assured Kenyans of peace, adding that if he does not win the seat, he will accept the election results.

“I know there is a lot of anxiety as to what will happen in the election. I want to speak on behalf of my team and we will do anything possible within our power to make sure that the elections are peaceful,” said Ruto. 

“I believe that whoever will be elected in this election will be the will of God and we will respect the will of God as expressed by Kenyans.”

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