The late Mzee Kibaki’s State Funeral Cost Taxpayers Ksh.260M

Kenyan taxpayers spent  and estimated Ksh.260 million to finance the late Mwai Kibaki’s State funeral held on April 29 2022.

The money was released on April 25 as part of Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani’s second supplementary budget estimate, which was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday.

“Funds were granted to cater for the State Burial of the third President of the Republic of Kenya,” said CS Yatani as quoted by Business Daily.

The Treasury cited Article 223 of the Constitution, which allows the government to spend money that has not been appropriated and seek approval from Parliament within two months of the expenditure.

However, there was no breakdown of how the money was spent.

Kibaki had been receiving state retirement benefits since leaving office in 2013, including a fleet of luxury cars, a fully-furnished office, and about 40 workers, until his death on April 22.

He received a Ksh.34.2 million annual pension, which equated to Ksh.2.8 million per month.

The figure was even higher because running Kibaki’s office cost taxpayers Ksh.98.6 million in the fiscal year that ended in June.

The courts, on the other hand, have challenged the retirement benefits, claiming that they are costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of shillings in retirement benefits to former heads of state.

Kibaki’s office will close, and some of the employees will be laid off, with those on secondment reabsorbed in ministries and other government agencies.

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