Kasarani: Three Gunmen Shot Dead In A Botched Robbery Attempt


Three armed robbers believed to have been behind the killing of two traders at Adams Arcade two weeks ago in a botched robbery attempt were lynched by a mob in Kasarani last weekend.

Confirming the deaths, Kilimani Police Commander Andrew Mbogo said the three notorious thugs who were on police radar were cornered after they attacked an M-Pesa operator in Marurui area where they had stolen Ksh.900,000 before escaping on a motorbike.

The brave trader gave a chase using his car, hooting and appealing for members of the public to assist in nabbing the trio. 

The trio were cornered by members of the public who lynched them before police arrived at the scene 

Police who collected the bodies also recovered a pistol at the scene of crime. 

The pistol which has undergone ballistic examination at the National Forensic Laboratory was the same one used during the botched robbery at Adams Arcade

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