Wajackoyah Campaigns In Kisumu, Tells Off Critics Of His Bhang Agenda

Prof. George Wajackoyah PHOTO|COURTESY

Roots Party Presidential candidate George Wajackoya on Monday took his campaigns to the lake city of Kisumu to sell his political agenda where he made several stopovers in the CBD.

Wajackoya’s convoy sneaked through Oginga Odinga Street, Nyalenda, Kachok before making a final stopover at Kondele. 

Addressing a huge crowd at Kondele, Wajakoya slammed government officials who are against his campaign mode and are accusing him of misleading the youth with the bhang narrative.

Wajackoyah said the State officers do not have any moral authority to tell a presidential candidate on how to campaign. 

“I want to ask the government not to interfere with our campaigns. There are officials I will fire immediately I’m sworn into office… They have no moral authority to tell a presidential candidate how to campaign… I’m warning that cabinet minister he will be the first I will sack when I take over the authority,” said Wajackoyah.

He said he chose to form the roots party after all parties refused to accommodate him. 

Wajackoyah dismissed the Kenya Kwanza bottoms up economic model narrative of giving youths wheelbarrows saying the wheelbarrows will be used to transport bhang once he ascends to power.

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