Nakuru: Street Children Resort To Cooking Dog Meat Amid Tough Economic Times

Street children in Molo, Nakuru County, resorted to slaughtering a dog and cooking it to feed themselves as the high cost of living bites.

According to area residents, the children are said to have slaughtered the dog and cooked it over an open fire in an abandoned building. 

The urchins have reportedly been going through a rough time with no one to their aid due to the tough economic times being witnessed across the country.

In Molo, the number of street urchins has been on the rise, where most have fled hardships and violence in domestic settings.

“They are idlers with no work to do… I cannot blame them for opting for a dog, flour is now around Ksh.250,” Molo resident Anthony Mwangi told NTV. 

With a majority aged under 15 and originating from informal settlements, the children only survive on begging, and sometimes harassing residents to get money and food.

The residents are now appealing to the government to take the urchins to rehabilitation centres and children’s homes because they have also become a security threat.

“Our MCA and MP should intervene and rescue these children to better places, be it rehab or church facilities,” Simon Munene said.

A survey conducted by UNICEF at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 showed that Kenya had 46,639 street persons spread across the 47 counties, 72 percent of whom are male. 

Nairobi had the highest street people with a population of 15,337 followed by Mombasa and Kisumu at 7,529 and 2,746, respectively, while Uasin Gishu had 2,147 and Nakuru 2,005, closing the list of the counties with the highest populations. Street persons under 19 years of age were 15,752. 

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