Embu: 3 Arrested Over Illegal Brew Sale

Three people are in police custody after they were found in possession of illegal brew in Embu County.

Deputy County Commissioner Mercy Gatobu said 13 crates of assorted liquor, 28 empty crates, 22 jerricans filled with ethanol, a carton of bottles tops and two rolls of counterfeit duty stamps were recovered.

The three suspects, a man and two women, were arrested at a residential home in Gatondo Village, Itabua Sub-location.

A canter and a saloon car believed to be used to transport the liquor were towed away by police. A search is ongoing for the owner of the business, who is still on the run.

“We urge members of the public to volunteer information in relation to the incident to police so that we can get to the bottom of the matter,” Gatobu said.

Last week, five suspects accused of making illicit brew and distributing it to unsuspecting operators were arrested in Embu.

A multi-agency operation led by County Commissioner Eddyson Nyale observed that a similar brew killed more than 30 people and left others blind nine years ago in Embu County.

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