Joy And Fulfilment As Kihurani Returns To His Roots For WRC Safari

American Alexander Kihurani has expressed delight in being part of the 2022 WRC Safari Rally, saying it is a dream come true.  

Born to a Kenyan father, Kihurani who will be navigating his US counterpart Sean Johnstone in a Citroen R2 revealed featuring in the WRC Safari is a family fulfilment, as his father grew up idolizing the Rally but did not make to compete in it owing to hefty expenses involved.

“Oh, I mean, it’s just unimaginable, amazing feeling. You know, it’s been a bit of a multigenerational circle around the globe to get here. My dad grew up with the Safari Rally in the 60s and 70s and always wanting to race but never quite had the means to. He came to America hoping you know, he could make a little more money and maybe make that happen one day.

“But of course he transferred that passion of racing into me and after many years in the US then moved on to the UK to be able to compete in Europe and at this level. So it’s really nice to actually finally come back to Kenya and do the Safari Rally. My dad’s not one for kind of living vicariously through his kids, but he said this time it feels like he’s doing the rally himself.”

Kihurani was quick to give his assessment after a naked eye encounter with the rocky and sandy roads of Naivasha.

“It’s really, really difficult. I mean, it’s the longest route on the calendar that it’s really hard to know how quickly you can go through all the bumps and dips and how and knowing how things will deteriorate. It’s something that I’ve never seen before. Also the rally’s really long so it’s hard to pace everything you know, we feel like you’re going slow but you might be going.

“The roads are actually quite technical and there is a lot of information in there and it’s hard to keep track of, so it’s definitely a challenge. But I think, you know, it’s not about being the fastest, it’s about having the least amount of problems.”

Kihurani who is navigating Sean Johnstone in the WRC2 category in a Citroen R2 will hope for good hunting time in the coming days here in his country of birth.

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