‘Kenya Kwanza Agreement Was Not Official,’ Kabogo Now Claims

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo now claims that the agreement his Tujibebe Wakenya Party entered into with the Deputy President William Ruto-led Kenya Kwanza Alliance was not official since it was apparently not put into writing.

This follows Kabogo’s last week announcement that his party will no longer attend any Kenya Kwanza rallies on grounds that United Democratic Alliance (UDA) politicians are allegedly given priority at the events while his members are being ‘bullied’, gagged and forced to play second fiddle.

According to Kabogo, he only joined the Kenya Kwanza alliance after DP Ruto promised him that should he form the next government counties would be allocated additional development funds by the national government based on population.

This would see Kiambu, the second largest county in terms of population in Kenya, allocated the second largest budget after Nairobi.

After Tujibebe Wakenya and Kenya Kwanza came to a compromise, Kabogo alleges that the two outfits inked a general agreement on the same but verbally agreed that more details would be added onto the deal.

This, Kabogo says, however never materialized.  

“I only joined Kenya Kwanza because DP Ruto agreed with me on my proposal that additional revenue allocation to counties should be based on population and that it would be put into writing. The agreement was a general one awaiting specifics to be put into the agreement which unfortunately until now has not happened,” Kabogo said in an interview with KTN News on Wednesday.

Kabogo went on to say that he was not surprised by UDA officials sidelining his camp, noting that his close acquaintances warned him against getting into bed with the Kenya Kwanza brigade but he had already made up his mind.  

According to Kabogo, it first crossed his mind that Kenya Kwanza might renege on the initial agreement after he attended a recent rally in which UDA members publicly dismissed the outfit as a political party.

“When we were having the express train going to Kiambu you heard them say on live TV that there is nothing called Kenya Kwanza. It was a marriage of convenience with a lot of honesty and bits of dishonesty,” said Kabogo.

“DP Ruto’s deputy designate is the one that leads this team. MPs come and say all these things while the deputy designate is on the same vehicle and he does not say anything.”

He correspondingly stated that deceit was a part of local politics and that he had come to terms with the alleged ‘betrayal’ citing that there were no permanent friends in the intricate game of political chess.

While insisting that he had essentially severed all ties with Kenya Kwanza to focus on his Kiambu governorship bid, Kabogo urged Kenyans to vote wisely and only elect leaders who will better their fortunes once the polls are set and done.

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