Mututho: Wajackoyah Should Be Arrested For Vowing To Legalize Bhang If Elected President

Former NACADA boss John Mututho has faulted Roots Party presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah over his marijuana legalization agenda.

Mututho says Wajackoyah is misinforming the public and deserves to be arrested for alluding that the legalization of bhang, which is a narcotic drug, is the solution to revamping the country’s economy and settling the ballooning debt.

Addressing the press on Tuesday, the former Naivasha MP said marijuana, popularly known as bhang, has dreadful effects and cannot boost the economy.

“To understand the physiology of the chemical reaction of bhang into your system, how you behave is a focus drug; if you think of having ugali, you can have three kilograms,” said the Nakuru Senator aspirant.

“Mtu wa bangi is focused…it is very dangerous. The DCI, as a straightforward person, do your job… If Wajackoyah is having that stuff, as prescribed by the Act, lock him and call us as a witness.”

While referring to countries which have already legalised hemp, Mututho went on to point out that Wajackoyah’s idea was fallacious since some of those States are suffering economically.

“Let him state in a language that everybody can understand; I am disputing his wisdom in advocating that cannabis can revamp the Kenyan economy to become a super world,” he said.

“How comes a province in Ethiopia where bhang is legalized is still suffering? How comes Jamaica is not a superpower with all that cannabis?”

In the same regard, Mututho dismissed the Roots Party leader who has gained significant popularity for his marijuana agenda saying even if Wajackoyah was to clinch the presidency, he would be at the forefront of pushing for his impeachment.

“This presidential person should pray that I become a Senator so that I can impeach him for misrepresenting himself and giving a wrong indicator that this economy would be revamped with a narcotic substance,” Mututho stated.

“I have a rehabilitation centre in Nakuru called John Mututho Empowerment Centre which so far has treated 4,000 people. I can tell you we have a very big problem…we can’t allow this discussion to go on that way.”

Prof. Wajackoyah’s controversial economic revamp agenda by legalizing bhang has attracted both applause and criticism across the political divides.

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