Kenya Does Not Belong To You, Your Work Is To Pray For Us; Wajackoyah To Clergy

Prof. George Wajackoyah PHOTO|COURTESY

Roots Party August presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah has lashed out at a section of clergy who have been criticizing him for his proposed plan to legalize marijuana farming if he gets elected.

Some church leaders have lately been warning their faithful to be wary of Prof. Wajackoyah’s ideals, labeling them immoral and unethical.

In a passionate rejoinder on Monday, however, the presidential aspirant told the men of cloth to stick to offering spiritual nourishment and stop bashing his ambitions.

According to him, the clergy should get over themselves and shed the entitlement to Kenyans’ free will.

“All we are doing is awakening Kenyans. They have not even read our manifesto and all they are talking about is the marijuana agenda. It is time for them to realize that Kenya does not also belong to them,” he said.

Wajackoyah accused the leaders of hypocrisy, claiming their churches receive money gotten from unscrupulous dealings and yet they do not say a word about it.

“They are now coming to condemn us yet they have been in scandals since way back and are actually the ones who should be judged.. we have grown up christians are we are aware that they live on the proceeds of crime, soon, the young people are going to rebel against them,” he charged.

“It is the church’s duty to pray for people like me if I am insane so that I can be sane, they have no right to lecture me.”

His comments came just days after Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) raised issues with leaders seeking elective posts in the August polls, regarding their stand on ethical issues such as immoral sexual behavior and drug use.

KCCB chairman Archbishop Anthony Muheria said: “We specifically caution you and ask you to stand up against those leaders who propose to destroy life at its initial stages in their mother’s womb by proposing to support abortion as an agenda.

“Those who have an agenda of liberalization of sexual behaviour including pornography should also be rejected. You should also stand up against bad leaders who propose the destruction of our youth through the liberalization of drug use.”

Archbishop Muheria advised Kenyans to vote for leaders who promote traditional African and Christian family values.

 “Any leader clearly supporting such an agenda should not be elected. Furthermore, a leader who supports an immoral agenda will not have a conscience and this spells doom for society,” he added.

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