Presidential Aspirant Unable To Explain How He Acquired Degree In 7 Months

Umoja Summit Party presidential aspirant Walter ‘Nyambane’ Mong’are allegedly completed his university degree in seven months, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) now says.

The presidential aspirant, whose candidacy was revoked by IEBC over the credibility of his education credentials, and later petitioned against the ruling, has been found to have questionable academic qualifications.

IEBC’s Dispute Resolution Committee on Friday revealed that the Daystar University alumni apparently enrolled in the institution for seven months, starting May 10, 2021, and ending December 18, 2021, according to a transcript.

“When you transfer units from one university to the other it’s supposed to appear in the final transcript….from page 8 to page 13 how many units are those? Do you have 142?” Challenged IEBC commissioner Abdi Guliye, a member of the panel.

“I’m coming to the transfer. Looking at the start of the entry date and the end date, that’s how many months? It’s about six months isn’t it? In short, your client was a student for seven months, is that correct?”

In the proceedings heard at Milimani Law Courts, Nyambane was at pains to explain how he acquired his degree after cross-examination by the committee.

The comedian-turned-politician had insisted that he completed his degree studies after transferring to Daystar University from the Kenyatta University and was only waiting to graduate in November this year.

Even though neither he nor his lawyer Alutalala Mukhwana, could point out the said units in his transcripts, his lawyer cited High Court judgements that allowed persons to contest election positions with transcripts.

“A degree is not a one-off event, it is not a graduation ceremony where many relatives are ferried into town and buy very good flowers; it is a prescribed program study,” submitted Mukhwana.

The tribunal will determine Mong’are’s fate on Sunday.

At the same time, presidential hopefuls Reuben Kigame and Ekuru Aukot were also before the tribunal.

Musician Kigame said the IEBC discriminated against him and that the commission provided no credible explanation for his disqualification.

“When you have a blind person and a not blind person, common sense demands that we give a chance to the blind person. Give a chance to Reuben Kigame,” his lawyer John Khaminwa submitted.

Kigame was locked out for failing to meet the requisite requirements and for submitting his documents late. His case will also be determined on Sunday.

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