Lamu: 2 Children Drowns While Swimming In A Pond

Two children, aged three and four years old, drowned while swimming in a pond in Bargoni, ​​Lamu County.

“We are pained by what has happened and action needs to be taken,” Hussein Babitu, the father of the children said. 

Residents faulted a contractor who is building a road in the area for the incident, saying the workers left trenches.

“The trenches are a hazard to both children and adults. We are not against progress and projects, but it is not right for contractors to leave dangerous trenches as they construct,” Diza Doza, a resident, said.

Another resident urged the government to take action against the contractors.

“We are distressed about what has happened and want quick action taken,” Hassan Chonde, a resident, said.

Another resident said there were about 10 trenches left during construction.

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