Tiny AC Box That Helps You Relax In Hot Temparatures.

Are you suffering from Hot Temperatures and cant afford an AC? Fine…. This is for you

Traditional AC units are outdated. They are expensive to install and even more costly to run. They look ugly and are difficult and dangerous to clean. You can’t even move them around the house with you or take them outside!

Fans can be cheaper, but they only blow around the air – what if the air is too hot already? Its actually making you feel worse when the hot air is moving around your hot room! Plus they are VERY noisy.

For some of us the hot weather is already starting to become too much. In peak summer heat it is not enjoyable to suffer in the heat. It is also very hard to sleep at night in humid, stuffy air.

Thousands of people are now using a much cheaper alternative to cool themselves in the heat and clean their personal air.

The CoolAir was designed by two German engineers who were fed up suffering in the hot summers in their winter homes. They found that AC units were super inefficient and expensive to use. The engineers also noticed that none of the traditional AC units were made to travel with.

So, they designed this ultra-compact, light-weight, portable AC box. It uses a small fraction of the electricity and all without sacrificing any of the main benefits of a top AC model!

It’s tiny, it’s easy to use and it can cool you in seconds!

People are using them to cool themselves and purify their air on those super hot, humid times – the results are incredible…

How does it work?

We were surprised by how easy it is to set up! First, you have to plug it into either a socket supply OR any USB port (it’s low energy so can even run off of a phone or laptop battery!).

Once you have done that, simply fill up the inbuilt reservoir with 20oz/0.6L of normal tap water.

And then the best part comes, the instant cool air!

The controls are just superb, really easy to understand and stylish. The cool, breezy air from CoolAir feels natural and clean – that’s because it is!

In essence, if the summer sun is too hot to handle, then AirCool 24 is the very thing you may find could benefit your home life.


  • High-quality, low noise
  • USB or wall plug power
  • Portable and compact
  • Efficient on power, but powerful to use

“Not only is AirCool 24 a compact and portable air conditioning unit, but it’s also a humidifier and purifier all in one. “

Credits: trending updates kenya

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