MOA: Expect Higher Fares After Fuel Price Hike

The Matatu Owners Association (MOA) has asked its members countrywide to increase transportation charges saying the fuel increase has made the current fares unsustainable.

The Chairperson of the association, Simon Kimutai, has said that several routes in Nairobi will see an increase in fares by between Ksh.20 and Ksh.50.

“It is already going up, matatu users will have to pay double fares. We use fuel to power our vehicles around. In such scenarios, why shouldn’t we increase our charges?” Posed Kimutai.

He also said that different operators across the country will come up with their suitable formula of reviewing the fares.

“A place where we were to charge Ksh.100 to travel, we are forced to charge between Ksh.120 and Ksh.150 to recover the money for fuel,” said Kimutai.

This comes after the government hinted at winding up the current fuel subsidy terming it as unsustainable and a risk to the fuel stabilization mechanism.

“The cost of living is already high. Should the government remove the subsidy programme, then the citizens will suffer even more,” said Kimutai.

Kimutai said for every litre of fuel sold, the government pockets a significant amount of money in the form of taxes.

“Where are they taking all this money to? The average Kenyan is not feeling the positive impact of their taxes,” he added.

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