Father’s Day: Simple Ideas On How To Treat Your Dad

The day that was founded by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, who was raised by her father after the mum died when she was 16 years old.

Unlike mother’s day, father’s day is rarely remembered or rather has been less celebrated over the years.

In the United States, Mother’s day was declared a national holiday in the 1914 but it took a while for father’s day to be declared a national holiday in 1972.

With the day being unpopular, many might have not marked it in their calendars.

I would say it is difficult to please a man, more so an African dad who is used to being a disciplinarian.

No plans for father’s day? Don’t worry, here are some simple things you can do to celebrate your dad.

1. Drink and meal

It is easy to impress a dad with a bottle off expensive, old whiskey or a crate of their favourite beer. This will leave them reaching out to their friends for a merry making party that they will definitely enjoy.

The drink can be easily accompanied by Nyama Choma or a supply of his favourite meal. The combo is an easy deal to make father’s day fun and memorable.

2. Sporting activity 

If your dad is a sports lover, a day at the golf course will be a nice treat this Sunday. If his obsession is watching the premier league, getting him a long time subscription of a sports channel would also be a good idea.

3. Money  
African dads love to be given money instead of gifts. It is common for city dwellers to land in Ushago during festivities with shopping for their mothers and a fat envelope for their fathers. Giving him a cash reward leaves him with an option to choose what he wants for himself on the special day.

4. Accessories
A cool dad will be impressed with a classy watch or jewellery as a father’s day gift. You could also get a pair of classy shoes, a suit to beef up his swag.

You could also gift him a new phone or a sound system give him a good feel of his favourite Jazz music.

5. Adventure
If your dad is adventurous, treating him to a mini-vacay or picnic on father’s day will warm his heart. You could go for a hiking activity, a walk in the park or a day out at a destination he has never visited. 

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