Home Remedy: How To Ease Flu And Cold 

With the weather changing in Kenya, there have been rising cases of colds and flu with residents reporting symptoms ranging from a runny nose to sore throat and aching joints.

While there is no way to cure a flu, there are some ways to ease the symptoms to get relief.

If you are under the weather from a cold or flu, try these tips to find some relief:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated: You can take water, soups and other fluids, the warmer they are, the better. The famous dawa concoction of ginger, lemon and honey tea is also said to offer relief
  2. If the symptoms are too much, you can seek medical care and get some medication to find some relief
  3. Get a steamy bath: This is said to help relieve stuffiness
  4. Try using a humidifier to ease congestion
  5. Get enough rest to gain strength and avoid spreading the contagious flu

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