Court Visits Monica Kimani’s Murder Scene 

Lady Justice Grace Nzioka on Wednesday visited Lamuria Gardens, the location at which Monica Kimani was allegedly murdered on September 19, 2018.

This was part of the trial court’s process to establish the validity of evidence and testimonies submitted during the course of the murder case.

The two co-accused, Joseph Irungu and Jacque Maribe, were present for the exercise that started at the Milimani Law Courts and ended at the residence of Maribe at Royal Park Estate in Lang’ata.

The team that also included State counsel and lawyers representing the accused was first taken to the apartment that is currently occupied by another tenant.

Chief Inspector Maxwell Otieno told the court that Irungu came in a cab and used a stolen ID to enter the compound.

“In the  visitors’ book, the names that were indicated were as per the ID that was given, so the guards believed those were his correct names,” said the Chief Inspector.

“He entered as though he knew where he was going. The evidence I gathered indicated that he had been here on the 1st of September. So he just identified the house that he wanted to go to.”

From Lumuria Gardens, the court proceeded to Roadhouse Grill, a popular eating spot on Dennis Pritt Road.

According to the Investigating Officer, Roadhouse Grill was the last place Irungu went before heading to Monica Kimani’s apartment.

It is said that he had a meal here before changing his clothes. Then the next stop was Citizen TV headquarters.

Here, Maribe’s lawyer Katwa Kigen sought to demonstrate to the court how her mobile data was captured at Lamuria Gardens that fateful night.

“The prosecution used Safaricom transmission mast to trace the movements of the second accused (Maribe). We wanted the court to appreciate the distance for purposes of our theory that the transmission mast for people in the vicinity of Lamuria and Citizen TV would, in all probability be using the same transmission mast,” said lawyer Kigen.

“Secondly, in our defence, we have raised the question of alibi, and we will be raising it, with the court having appreciated the location of Citizen.”

Another witness confirmed that Maribe’s phone signal was last detected at Dennis Pritt Road, which was about 40 minutes before the time Kimani was allegedly killed.

The court adjourned Wednesday’s hearing at Royal Park Estate, the residence of co-accused Maribe.

Irungu allegedly shot himself inside Maribe’s house a day after Kimani was murdered, and was was later arrested and taken into custody as a suspect.

Lady Justice Grace Nzioka said: “We can try to conclude this matter tomorrow (Thursday). My diary is extremely busy, I have no dates in June, July and we go to recess in August until September.

The case resumes on Thursday for the investigating officer to finalize his testimony at Milimani Law Courts.

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