Police Recover Household Items Stolen In Rongai

According to the National Police Service (NPS), some household electronic appliances had been recovered as of Thursday morning.

Photos shared by the law enforcement agency show a pistol, subwoofer, sound bar, television set, clothes and a phone among the items currently in police custody.

“We salute the officers involved in the operation for their diligence and commitment to the task. We also appreciate members of the public for cooperating with law enforcement in the course of  investigations,” read a statement issued Thursday.

On Wednesday, NPS announced that four suspects were arrested in connection with the break-in, where detectives also recovered a pistol of the Browning make, some cash proceeds of the robbery and items of clothing worn by the robbers on that fateful night.

CCTV footage shared across the Kenyan interwebs on Monday went viral, sparking uproar and jostling authorities into action.

A special team of officers was assigned to the case on Tuesday and for close to 8 hours went in and out of the house, as well as neighbouring houses, in search of answers.

They interrogated the main victim, the woman captured on CCTV cameras under attack by the gang of robbers who first accosted her as she parked her car then dragged her into her house before making away with valuables.

Police dusted the car for fingerprints which were forwarded to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) forensic lab for identification.

Also interrogated was the man of the house, only identified as an engineer with a top energy firm, who recorded a statement. He is said to have travelled out of town on that fateful night.

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