How To Make Your Fuel Last Longer And Save Money

With the high cost of living we are facing, here are tips for motorists to save money and make fuel last longer.

Avoid speeding

Although it’s hard to speed with traffic jams being common, if you do happen to be away from traffic, resist the urge to press the gas pedal too much as speeding is said to increase fuel consumption

Avoid unnecessary luggage?

Heavy vehicle is said to increase fuel consumption, so avoid carrying excessive weight in your vehicle

Be a good driver

Sharp braking and acceleration of a vehicle can lead to inefficient consumption of fuel, so do so smoothly

Air conditioner

According to, when driving around town at relatively low speeds, you’ll use less fuel by switching the air conditioner off and rolling down the windows

Car pooling

The number of people buying vehicles keeps increasing, however, sometimes Kenyans are making a trip to a similar destination, yet they have no passengers. It might be worthwhile getting in touch with neighbors to find out who is going in the same direction as you and car pooling

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