C.U.E Revokes Johnson Sakaja’s Degree


The Commision for University Education (CUE) has revoked Nairobi Governor seat hopeful Johnson Sakaja’s Bachelor of Science in Management Degree from Team University. 

According to a letter adressed to Sakaja from the commision, material information had been received by the CUE which raised questions into the validity of his academic credentials. 

The commison now says that it will open probe into the validity of the papers Sakaja presented before the IEBC for clearance to run. 

The latest comes just hours after Sakaja who was on the campaign trail at Mukuru Kwa Njenga on Monday accused his rivals of trying to derail his gubernatorial ambition. 

“Kuna wadosi wamekaa mahali wanasema kijana wa mtu wa kawaida Nairobi hawezi kuwa Governor wa Nairobi,” said Sakaja.

“Si mmeona wananiandama, wananiekea makesi…mimi nimesoma, niko na makaratasi na ninajua Mwenyezi Mungu atatushikilia na nitakuwa kwa hio debe ya kuwa governor Nairobi.”

The senator has been at pains to explain or prove where and when he attended university, with he mystery around his academic credentials deepening by the day. 

On June 7, the IEBC gave him a nod to contest for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat despite widespread reports that he does not have a university degree; which is a requirement for gubernatorial candidates.

Days after his clearance by IEBC, other reports indicated that the Nairobi Senator presented a degree certificate from a Ugandan university for clearance by IEBC.

What followed was a letter purported to be from the IEBC, directed to Team University Dean of Students Ellen Katusabe.

The commission termed fake the letter that questioned the legality of Sakaja’s degree.

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