3 Hospitalized After Eating A Sick Cow Meat

Three people have been admitted at Shibwe Hospital in Ikolomani constituency, Kakamega county after they reportedly consumed meat from a sick cow.

Brian Angadi, a clinical officer from the hospital confirmed the incident saying the three ate meat from a cow infected with anthrax. 

Anthrax is a serious infectious disease which commonly affects domestic and wild animals around the world. 

“The three people were diagnosed with anthrax disease. We have tried our best in treating them and managed to stabilize them,” Angadi told The Standard.

He, however, has raised concerns over a possibility of receiving more patients as the meat was shared among a number of villagers.

Narrating the ordeal, Gilbert Mukumba, one of the patients who has already been discharged, said he was called by three of his friends to go slaughter a cow and would be rewarded with free meat in return. He took his share and took it home to his family.

A week later, he developed blisters on his limbs and his body was frail. 

“I particularly developed skin lesions and itchy swellings on my limbs. I applied herbal medicine but it did not work. When I went to the hospital doctors told me I consumed meat from a sick cow,” he said. 

He is now recuperating at his home as he receives close monitoring from health experts.

Meanwhile, the area residents have been urged to report to hospital once they start experiencing anthrax-like symptoms.

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