Anerlisa Muigai Books A Whole Restaurant For Lover’s Birthday Party

Anerlisa Muigai PHOTO|COURTESY

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai went an extra mile to celebrate the birthday of her boyfriend Melvin Ibrahim.

To celebrate her lover, Anerlisa booked a whole restaurant to dine and wine with him.

In the candle-lit dinner, Melvin was surprised with a birthday cake.

“Too excited, you’d think it is my birthday. Or is it because we booked this whole restaurant to ourselves?” she shared.

Anerlisa says that in return, she wants her boyfriend to buy her steak worth SH 22,000 on her birthday.

The expensive birthday treats comes right after the lavish Nero Company CEO relocated to Nakuru County after reports that she had a hitch with auctioneers at her Nairobi home.

However, Anerlisa maintains that her relocation had nothing to do with auctioneers, but her search for a peaceful environment to live in.

“No Auctioneers took anything of mine and my move is nothing to do with anyone but myself. Just need to make that clear. #Donexplaininganything #Doingme,” she said.

Before moving to Nakuru, Anerlisa sold her Range Rover Velar that she acquired in 2019.

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