Amin holds discussions with UN representative on drugs and crime.

Mohamed Amin, the head of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), and Neil Walsh, the regional representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, spoke on Friday (UNODC).

Walsh paid a visit to Amin at his Mazingira Complex office in Nairobi, where they talked about how to combat emerging types of crime and constructively contribute to regional peace, security, human rights, and development.

The UN representative’s visit takes place just one week after Amin took office and committed to implement significant changes to guarantee that the DCI satisfies Kenyans’ security demands.

The DCI released a statement saying that the UNODC representative, who was accompanied by an entourage from his office, further emphasized that the U.N. organization would strive to collaborate with DCI in dealing with organized crime, drugs, and substance addiction.

The Director, for his part, expressed a desire to work with UNODC in areas of shared interest, such as capacity building, among others.

Amin also emphasized the importance of having a successful criminal justice system that will deal with criminal deviance while seeking to uphold a high level of fairness and impartiality throughout the nation.

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