‘Am Willing To Get A Vasectomy,’ Sauti Sol’s Bien

Bien-Aimé Baraza of boyband Sauti Sol. [PHOTO | Bien @bienaimesol/Instagram]

Sauti Sol lead vocalist Bien Aime Baraza now says he is open to having a vasectomy in future once he makes the leap into fatherhood.

Speaking on Episode 8 of the boy band’s ‘Bald Men Sessions’ on YouTube, alongside content creator Dr. Reign and rugby player-turned-TikTok cooking sensation Dennis Ombachi, Bien intimated that he would consider the medical procedure owing largely to the fact that, in Africa, the burden of taking contraceptives has been left for women to bear.

According to Bien, he cannot fathom the idea of leaving birth control solely to his wife, Chiki Kuruka, noting that he would embrace family planning by undergoing the procedure which is primarily considered a form of permanent birth control.

“A lot of men are not willing to have vasectomies but I am. I’m willing to look into a vasectomy. I’m tired of putting this burden on our chicks. First of all, I know different contraceptives have different side effects,” said Bien on the show which he hosts.

Bien likewise opened up on allegedly being pressured by a section of his fan base to sire a child having been married for only 18 months.  

“Hata mimi Wakenya wameniangalia weird, I’ve stayed karibu for 18 months na sijafanya kitu lakini kila kitu na time yake,” he said.

“I have never really had the urge to reproduce! So it’s never really bothered me.”

In response, Ombachi – a father of two – told Bien that becoming a father is one of the most challenging moments for most men, but it is a thing he would never consider taking back.

“Fatherhood has humbled me with a son that happiness you know because of the machismo chest-thumping but with a daughter all of a sudden I also feel vulnerable,” said Ombachi.

Bien correspondingly affirmed Ombachi as a good father figure whose parenting methods he would like to emulate in future.

“I think you make an amazing dad, I think you make it look like something I would want to do. I don’t have kids yet but just watching you do fatherhood you look like you are doing it effortlessly you are out here showing us the way it’s amazing,” he said.

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