All intern teachers who served in 2022 will be retained by TSC on permanent contracts.

All intern teachers will be hired on a permanent, pensionable basis by the Teachers’ Service Commission in 2022.

The cohort will be absorbed in the ongoing teacher recruitment as the government looks to hire 35,550 teachers this month to close the teacher-student ratio deficit, according to a memo from the commission’s interim director of staffing Joseph Mugele.

The memo dated January 11, 2023 states, “The interviews for the exercise start on Friday, January 13, and recruitment documents are set for February 6.”

Mugele therefore asked the head of human resources to keep the interns on the payroll.

The aim of this memo is to propose that none of the teacher interns for 2022 be removed from the payroll while their applications for employment on permanent and pensionable conditions of service are processed, he said.

After TSC CEO Nancy Macharia disclosed the commission was short 114,581 teachers in October, President William Ruto stated that the recruitment of the 35,550 teachers is the first stage of absorbing a planned 116,000 instructors.

Ten thousand of these will have permanent, pensionable jobs, according to TSC’s announcement from last month, while the remaining 25,550 will be internships.

The remaining 9,000 instructors would be divided across primary and secondary schools, making up the remaining 10,000 teachers.

The junior secondary schools will receive 21,550 intern seats, while the remaining 4,000 interns will be sent to the primary schools.

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