After Raila’s call for street protests, Ruto issues a warning to Kenyans

On Friday, December 2, President William Ruto urged Kenyans not to participate in the protest demonstrations that party leader Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement had called for.

Speaking at a roadside gathering in Ruiru, Kiambu, Ruto charged that Raila was out to use common Kenyans as pawns to further his political goals.

“He wants to utilize you in protests even though his sister is a female representative, his brother is a senator, and his daughter is a member of the East African Legislative Assembly.

After viewing a pass-out parade at Kenya Prisons, Ruto remarked, “This is not conceivable; you will not trick us.”

The Head of State asked the opposition to honor their oversight responsibilities and advance peace.

Especially in times of economic hardship and famine, he contended that leaders should put the good of the country before their own interests.

“We must work together to confront the challenges facing Kenyans, such as the current famine, and stop from matters that bring no value to Kenyans’ lives,” the President said.

After promising to host forums at the Kamukunji grounds to voice his opposition to the suspension of the Cherera Four commissioners, Raila Odinga made the statement by President Ruto a few hours later.

To investigate the four commissioners of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), vice chair Juliana Cherera, Irene Maist, Francis Wanderi, and Justus Nyang’aya, a tribunal was established.

However, Nyang’aya announced his resignation, claiming that the interests of the country came above his own.

On Friday, December 2, Raila and Ruto disagreed about the decision to question the commissioners who challenged Ruto’s designation as president. He claimed that the President was preparing a scheme to rig the general election in 2027.

Ruto’s first days in office had exhibited indications of a proclivity toward an authoritarian system, the former prime minister said.

“We would want to remind Mr. Ruto that the system he is trying to rebuild already existed in this nation. We battled that structure. We dismantled that system.

“We will apply this to the one he is now inventing. We’ll take it down. Before it’s too late, let’s all defend our nation, Raila said on Friday, December 2.

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