After failed attempts to patch things up, a woman stabs a police officer.

A file image of a bloody knife [PHOTO | COURTESY]

Investigators from the Kasarani police station are looking for a woman who is suspected of stabbing her ex-boyfriend, a police officer assigned to the Zimmerman police post.

According to a statement made by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Monday, Pamela Njambi, 30, attacked the officer on Sunday night as he was leaving her residence after they were unable to patch up their relationship amicably.

The cop told DCI detectives about the event around 10 o’clock, saying that Njambi had invited him over to “rekindle the fading flames of their once glorious romance,” but he had already moved on.

Njambi, who was disappointed by his reaction, secretly followed him as he left her house.

”The officer was attacked by the woman with a sharp item as she arrived at the gate of the apartment,” according to DCI.

Then, in response to the officer’s screams, the neighborhood came to his aid.

“The police officer shouted loudly, “Uuuuui Uuuuuui!” As the officer asked for assistance, nisaidieni rend the air, and well-wishers promptly came to his aid “DCI said.

“They transported him to St. John’s hospital where he received first assistance before being transferred to a specialized facility within the city for additional care,” says the author. “They saved him as he bled heavily.”

The cop, who was stabbed in the abdomen, is in stable condition and is being monitored by medical personnel.

A manhunt has been started in the interim for Njambi, who is still the prime suspect.

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