After Dubai Drama, Senator Karen Nyamu splits with Samidoh and vows to quit alcohol

Sen. nominee Karen Nyamu has revealed that her contentious relationship with Mugithi musician Samuel Muchoki, also known by his stage name Samidoh, is finished.

Following an altercation with Samidoh and his wife Edith at a Mugithi concert in Dubai on Saturday, Nyamu posted on social media that she did not regret the embarrassment that had befallen her.

“You know, guys, I don’t look back on yesterday night and wish I had done things differently. However, I guarantee that your child won’t ever again find herself in a similar circumstance, she wrote on her Instagram stories.

Nyamu, who has previously engaged in public fights with Samidoh and Edday, vowed to put an end to everything by ending her relationship with the musician.

“Great and strong women will attest that the guys we choose to associate with frequently become our weakest link. I’m breaking up the trend. I have deliberately chosen to break my relationship with Samidoh Muchoki, the father of my children and my current ex.

Kenyans’ concerns about the Nominated Senator’s behavior not fitting the leadership position she has as a result of the well publicized controversy.

In response, Nyamu made it clear that she understands the role entrusted to her as a Nominated Senator, values it, and takes it seriously.

Additionally, Nyamu had been called names because of her relationship with a Samidoh (a married man).

On the contrary, she said that she had been merely demonstrating a point while describing herself as a good woman.

She declared, “I don’t enjoy drama, and I don’t destroy homes.”

Additionally, Nyamu claimed that her actions in Dubai were the result of alcohol drunkenness and vowed to stop drinking in the coming year.

“I’m going to stop drinking. I’m never going to drink again,” she declared.

She posted a video of President William Ruto asking lawmakers who support him to abstain from alcohol or use it sparingly.

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