Need to reach more clients directly and in an affordable way? Advertise on DAILY CAST, one of the fastest growing digital platform in Kenya. When you choose to advertise on Daily Cast, you are assured of reaching a very large number of internet users on various digital channels, including YouTube and Other Social Media platforms.

We have a variety of ways in which your business can be professionally advertised and reach your desired target audience. They include 1.) direct links to your website, 2.) sponsored content, and 3.) banner ads.

Direct link

Under this, we offer you a unique opportunity to share a link to your site on our site. It will include a text that does not exceed 75 words briefly describing your services and goods.

Sponsored Content

You can provide an article with detailed information on what your business entails. The article must meet our set minimum standard and most importantly it must be original. We reserve the right to suitably edit the content that is not written by us.

Banner Ads

This is another unique way we conveniently make your business reach your desired market. We offer different types and sizes of banners depending on our terms.

Banner advertising positions includes;

  • Website Header (All Pages)
  • Website Sidebar (All Pages)
  • Within home feed (Homepage only)
  • Within articles (Article pages only)
  • Withing article lists (Article listing pages only)

Articles are allowed to have external links.

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