A woman tries to smuggle bhang into a suspect who’s being held in a cell.

After making an effort to give bhang to a suspect being held at the Gilgil police station, a woman is now in police custody.

Caroline Imenza, 30, walked into the police station a few minutes after 6 a.m. to visit her husband Stephen Nyabuto, who was being held by the authorities.

Imenza brought a flask of tea for her husband and a loaf of bread with her.

In addition to the loaf of bread, the female police officer on duty also discovered a steep gorge and, after additional investigation, five rolls of marijuana, five cigarettes, and a matchbox.

The officer detained Imenza right away and took her to a private room designated for situations involving gender, where she thoroughly searched the suspect’s body. Her efforts paid off when she found a further 80 rolls of the herb carefully tucked away in the suspect’s underwear.

After learning the devastating information, Caroline Imenza made an attempt to pay the cops with KES 2,000 to get her released.

She is scheduled to appear in court early today.

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