A Police Officer Among The 5 Arrested For Harassing Liquor Store Owners Pretending To Be KRA Officers

Police in Narok,  arrested five people after they were found intimidating proprietors of liquor stores while impersonating as KRA officials.

The five were harassing the business owners and demanding hefty bribes while stating that they had broken KRA standards. They were led by a rogue officer who is currently under interdiction and is being sued in many courts for impersonating.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said that the shop owners had grown suspicious about the five and had alerted the local police, who had then arrested them.

“The traders protested the harassment and rushed to the in-charge DCI Narok for assistance, wrote DCI on Twitter. “The traders, who were waiting to make a killing from herders experiencing a sudden financial windfall from increased sale of animals as the country heads for Christmas holidays,” wrote DCI.

The policeman dispatched a group of cops, who sped to the town and apprehended the officials.

Leah Wanjiku, Ann Wagio, Thomas Mwangi, Davies Simiyu, and the commander, Police Inspector Urbanus Kioko, were found in possession of fake identification cards and other instruments used in fraud.

According to DCI, the suspects had “several ATM cards, seizure notifications, KRA stamps, and KRA employee credentials retrieved from them and documented as significant exhibits.”

The five will continue to be held by police while they are being charged.

They are accused of forgery, impersonation, extortion, and other related felonies.

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