A lady calls out for help after a gospel artist SAMMY IRUNGU impregnated and abandoned her.

Gospel musician Sammy Irungu has been called out for being a deadbeat father by Facebook whistleblower Kamau Watoria.

This came about after a woman from Mwiki approached him and accused the well-known musician of failing to care for their child.

The displeased woman said that she fell in love with the married artist and became pregnant as a result.

However, when she delivered, things started to go wrong.

The singer stopped communicating with her and left her to look after the child on her lonesome.

Despite making millions of shillings during campaigns, he has never sent her even a single penny.

Following Kamau’s exposé, a number of women came forward and revealed additional details about the well-known gospel musician.

Sammy owns a music studio in Mwiki, and one of the local women said the neighborhood is aware of his shady behavior.

He is a known womanizer, a deadbeat dad on multiple occasions, and an alcoholic.

Another woman who had worked for a Sacco disclosed that Sammy Irungu began wooing the deceased senior manager’s wife even before he was buried.

Below is the expose of the gospel singer SAMMY IRUNGU:

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