A Grisly Road Accident Along Lodwar-Kakuma Road Leaves 14 Dead, 12 Injured

An accident along the Lowdwar-Kakuma route in the Kakwamunyen region claimed the lives of 14 travelers and critically injured another 12.

The truck they were riding in lost control and drove off the road, colliding with a culvert, causing the disaster.

The Saturday night incident, in according to the National Police Service (NPS), is thought to have taken place when the 33-year-old driver of the Isuzu truck came upon a camel crossing the road and was compelled to swerve off the road to prevent running over the animal.

According to reports, the lorry lost control and rolled over while it was approaching towards Kakuma, killing all 14 people inside.

The county ambulance transported the injured patients for immediate medical attention to Lodwar County and Referral Hospital.

The bodies were taken to the mortuary within the same institution where they are currently undergoing autopsy.

While on the scene, police officers tow the car to the Lodwar Police Station for inspection and thorough investigations into the accident’s causes.

On any route, drivers are reminded to drive cautiously and follow all traffic regulations.

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