A 24-year-old student Of Technical University of Mombasa allegedly commits suicide

A student from the Technical University of Mombasa allegedly committed suicide. Gregory Mutinda, 24, was discovered dead on the floor next to a syringe and an unknown pesticide powder.

The floor of the house was also covered in bloody clothing and a kitchen knife. Police report that one severe knife stab wound was detected on the body.

The third-year student was working as an intern at Changamwe’s Kenya Pipeline.

The deceased’s ex-girlfriend claimed that although they had spoken on the phone earlier in the day, when the deceased didn’t answer her calls in the afternoon, she grew suspicious.

Mercy Munyao, the student’s girlfriend, went to check on him but discovered that the door was barred from the inside; nonetheless, she could see him lying on the ground through the window and raised the alarm.

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