8 Habits That’ll Make You 10x More Successful

1) Making a to-do list

If someone gives you a gun and asks you to shoot it…Where do you aim?Now, imagine they take you to a target range. You know exactly where to point and shoot. Creating a to-do list focuses your mind on where to aim its energy.

2) Getting energized

They pump themselves up for the battle ahead. You could do any of the following:

• Exercise

• Drink coffee

• Cold shower

• Breathing exercises

3) Creating schedules

Not only do you want to create a to-do list, but you want to create a schedule around it.

• Take an activity

• Work out how long it will take

• Assign a priority to it

• Create a time block to work on it.

4) Waking up early

Have you ever met a successful person who wakes up at 11am?Maybe. But I bet you haven’t met a lot of them. Successful people wake up early so they can get ahead of others. Waking at 7am instead of 11am gives you 4 extra hours of potential productivity.

5) Affirming and visualizing

Habits are reinforced behaviors. But what about your thought habits?If you tell yourself you’re lazy and useless, you’ll act like a lazy and useless person. If you tell yourself you’re a positive and wise person, you’ll behave as such.

6) Practicing gratitude

Successful people are full of positivity. Optimism makes you more attractive to others. They will want to offer you opportunities and help you. Find reasons to be grateful for what you have and remind yourself of them.

7) Showing affection to others

One of our prominent traits as people is showing our appreciation for others. Start your day by showing thanks or paying a compliment to someone important to you. Partner, mother, father, brother, sister, best friend, whoever.

8) Spending time in silence

Periods of silence allow our brains to process information. We are bombarded by extrasensory material all throughout the day. Scheduling quiet time gives you more control of your mental space.

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