4 yr-old boy who got lost in Tsavo found alive six days later

A four year old boy who got lost in Tsavo East has been rescued alive Six days after he disappeared.

The boy who hails from Aswa was reported missing on November 29th. He had wandered away in the storm while he was herding cows with his elder brothers.

A report was made to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and a search team of 70 men was deployed the next morning.

The party had tracked the boy to an area 7 kilometres from his village, but then the tracks started to become unreadable. They were all following a location provided by the area chief.

The men on the ground kept looking for tiny footprints while a pilot Roan Carr-Hartley supported the team from the air .

Hartley said One lost night stretched into several, and it seemed increasingly impossible that the child would be found alive in such a vast, unforgiving landscape.

With no way of communicating with them while he was in the air, Hartley organised for the search party to walk with a white cloth tied to a long stick. Throughout the search they encountered wild animals such as jackals and hyenas which would pose a danger to a young boy.

Hope was reignited when the chief said the boy’s tracks had been discovered 15kms from his village.

On the sixth day, the pilot found him surrounded by a dense vegetation, he was still walking but was covered in mosquito bites and scratches from the bristling thorn bushes. His feet were blistered and riddled with thorns and cuts, from walking for days in the wilderness.

Two doctors arrived immediately to tend to him. He was rehydrated and put on slow drip.

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