27 Men Thought to Be Migrants Found Dead Along the Road

Authorities in Zambia reported that on Sunday, police discovered the bodies of 27 men who were thought to be Ethiopian migrants who had been discarded in an agricultural area outside of the city after allegedly passing out from tiredness and hunger.

The dead were taken to the mortuary for identification and post-mortems to identify the precise cause of death, while the solitary survivor was discovered alive in the early hours of Sunday morning and transferred to a Lusaka hospital for treatment, according to police.

According to early police investigations, the victims were all guys between the ages of 20 and 38 who had been discarded along a road by unidentified individuals.

Police were notified of the horrific picture by members of the public, and “Police and other security wings have already begun investigations into the matter,” according to a statement from police spokesman Danny Mwale.

Zambia is a popular transit country for Ethiopian migrants heading to places like South Africa, albeit there aren’t often reports of deaths there.

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