Why Kenya Kwanza’s Gachagua Was Not Satisfied With Tuesday’s Deputy Presidential Debate

Rigathi Gachagua during the debate. [Photo | Courtesy]

Kenya Kwanza Alliance Deputy Presidential Candidate Rigathi Gachagua yesternight revealed that he was not fully satisfied with Tuesday’s Deputy Presidential Debate.

Addressing the press on Tuesday evening after the debate, Rigathi said he felt the debate did not touch on key issues that Kenyans wanted to hear.

According to Gachagua, the debate failed to deliberate on real issues affecting Kenyans such as health, national debt issues, and rising economy among others.

While indirectly faulting the moderators, Gachagua said they had been promised that the debate would touch on such issues but eventually did not.

“I am happy for the chance to engage with my colleague but I am not fully satisfied with what we discussed at the podium. I felt that we should have been given time to talk about issues that affect Kenyans like the economy, health issues, public debt, and housing, but we did not get the time, despite an earlier assurance that we will be given time to talk about such issues,” stated Gachagua.

Rigathi claimed that the discussion centered on nearly two issues only for the better part of the debate, giving the two little room to discuss their manifestos and the economy that is pressing hard on Kenyans.

He, however, promised to use Kebnya Kwanza’s political rallies to explain to the country how his candidature with DP Ruto is going to improve and address such pressing issues.

“We took a lot of time on one or two questions only but failed to discuss issues touching Kenyans. We have emphasized economic matters in Kenya Kwanza because that is what is affecting most Kenyans, unlike our competitors who seem to be so much into changing the constitution. I touched on that but in a summarized manner, there is no problem because we will have political meetings and we will take the advantage to explain that to Kenyans,” he added.

This came after Rigathi, unsuccessfully tried to interrupt the moderators, asking them to shift their debate into current matters affecting Kenyans and how they are going to handle them. James Smart, however, put him on hold, telling him to be patient since they were heading there.

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