Strawberry farming: Investment returns and where to sell

Strawberry farming has a huge income potential because the demand is high compared to the supply.

For a start, you can try an eighth acre or half acre but this will depend on the availability of capital.

After successful farming and getting constant market, you can then increase the acreage.

For an acre, you will need 25,000 seedlings while for an eighth, you need about 3,000.

Each seedling goes for Sh10 or Sh20, depending on where you will get them. Strawberry seedlings are available from many producers, such as The Strawberry Farm.

You can also try the nearest Kalro branch. Chandler is the best variety.

Below are some questions people wanting to venture into strawberry farming regularly ask

1) How are the returns on investment on strawberry farming?

An eighth of an acre needs 3,000 seedlings and assuming each goes for Sh10, then the cost will be Sh30,000.

Remember the cost may vary between Sh10 and Sh20. Then transportation costs and inputs will gobble up some Sh15,000.

Therefore, the total cost of production will be Sh45,000. If you harvest 50kg per week and sell each kilogramme at Sh200, then you will make Sh10,000 per week and Sh40,000 per month and with good management, you can even get Sh100,000 per month.

Remember when you buy the seedlings, you can start getting runners (seedlings) from them.

2) Are there major markets for strawberries?

Strawberries can be sold in open-air markets, urban markets and companies like Brookside, KCC, Zesta, Trufoods and others. You can also sell them on online marketplaces. 

Are there firms that contract strawberry farmers, if so which companies?
Yes, there is contract farming for strawberries.

You can try Jaick Agricultural Produce Ltd and their contact is

3) Are strawberries grown only in plastic bags or they can be farmed on the ground?

Strawberries can be grown in plastic bags, outdoor (open field) and indoor (greenhouse).

The soil should be well-drained and the field should be kept weed-free.

4) Are there strawberry commercial farmers?

The Strawberry Farm on Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, offers training for farmers, they have stopped. You can contact them after the pandemic and plan to attend.

5) Are there strawberry commercial farming experts?

Please contact The Strawberry Farm as they might have contacts of commercial strawberry farmers or the Ministry of Agriculture offices in your area for information on strawberry farmers in your area.

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