‘Monica Kimani’s Murder Was Planned,’ Police Officer Tells Court

Chief Inspector of Police Maxwell Otieno, the last witness to testify in the Monica Kimani murder case, took to the witness stand on Tuesday where he was cross-examined by Joseph Irungu’s lawyer Prof. Hassan Nandwa.

Otieno told the court that investigations revealed that the accused, who was armed with a pistol when he visited Monica’s house, used the firearm to make the deceased submit.

“The firearm that was used by accused number one to shoot himself inside their residency at Royal Park was the same one he armed himself with while going to the murder scene,” said Otieno.

“I said that this firearm was an alternative murder weapon, I did not observe any defensive marks on the body of the deceased. The first accused person used the firearm to make the deceased submit, because ordinarily you will encounter defensive marks on somebody who is being attacked, there was none.”

Otieno also alleged that there was prior planning before Monica was murdered as the probe showed that the main suspect had used someone else ID to access the deceased’s house, was armed with a firearm despite not being a licensed firearm holder, and the burning of clothes that the suspect was allegedly wearing on the fateful night.

“I suspected also that the clothes, the white linen and the grey jacket that were burnt by the accused persons outside their residency, were also blood stained and that was the essence of burning,” he said.

The court allowed Jacque Maribe’s statement to be produced in court. The statement, which is Maribe’s confession on what transpired, has been objected to by Jowie who says it will implicate him.

Justice Grace Nzioka noted that the admission of the statement will not prejudice Jowie since he will have an opportunity to cross examine.

“The second accused person who recorded the statement has no objection to the statement being admitted as evidence and this court cannot deny her an opportunity to adduce whatever evidence she so wish to adduce,” stated Justice Nzioka.

Maribe’s lawyer Katwa Kigen is from Wednesday expected to cross examine the witness.

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