‘Raila & Ruto Are Spying on Me,’ Says Wajackoyah

Roots party presidential candidate George Luchiri Wajackoyah has alleged that both Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto are spying on him.

On Monday, July 18, Wajackoyah claimed that Azimio and Kenya Kwanza flag bearers had planted moles in his office and in his campaign team to gather intelligence.

The legal scholar whose manifesto is laced with marijuana noted that the spies track his campaign and share the collected information with their masters.

Wajackoyah disclosed that he had managed to identify them since he was a detective before he took a deep dive into politics.

“Both Kenya Kwanza and Azimio have planted spies in my office. I have two that I know of. You can’t send a mediocre to spy on a person who was once also a spy,” he remarked.

The presidential hopeful further maintained that he was approached with Ksh200 million to drop out of the August 9 race.

“We want you to spoil votes for a certain presidential candidate. We want you to campaign in his territory and we are giving you Ksh200 million,” Wajackoyah explained without mentioning names.

While dispelling reports that he refused to share Ksh50 million campaign funds with his running mate, Justina Wamae, Wajackoyah revealed he is worth more than Ksh1 billion.

“I am richer than even Ksh1 billion. Follow my assets in the US and then you will answer those questions,” he remarked.

Moreover, the man who has pledged to legalize commercial use of bhang threatened to skip the presidential debate if not paired with Raila and Ruto.

Defending his move, Wajackoyah stated that he has a huge support base, especially in Nairobi, to warrant a level playing ground with Azimio presidential candidate and his Kenya Kwanza counterpart.

“I am not attending the presidential debate unless I am paired with Ruto and Raila. I am more popular in Nairobi than any of these people. I will win this election without debate,” Wajackoyah maintained.

There were speculations that Wajackoyah would be paired with Agano Party Presidential candidate David Wahiga Mwaure.

The 2022 Presidential debate is scheduled to be held on July 26, with deputy president William Ruto on Monday, July 18 stating that he was yet to decide if he would show up.

The face-off will be staged at the Catholic University for Eastern Africa (CUEA) main campus in Karen, Nairobi, from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Deputy presidential candidates including Martha Karua, Rigathi Gachagua, Justina Wamae and Ruth Mucheru will take to the podium on Tuesday, July 19.

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