Why Is 13 Considered An Unlucky Number?

Many nations throughout the world have the belief that the number thirteen is unlucky.

These processes have progressed to the point where many storage houses, particularly Chinese, are likely to bypass floor 13. You’ll note that the majority of elevators go from 12 to 14. Floor thirteen existed in logical counting, but it is currently represented by 14.

But why is this the case? well, we’ve gathered some evidence to explain why this phenomena exists.

One of the facts may be traced back to Christians. According to bible, We had thirteen persons at the table during the Last Supper, including Jesus Christ and the twelve disciples. Christians regard the number thirteen to be bad since Judas Iscariot, the betrayer, was one of the thirteen. He was the twelfth person to take a seat at the table.

Another truth is that on October 13, 1307, knights Templar, also known as Catholic soldiers or poor fellow soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, were imprisoned, tortured, and even executed on the orders of King Philippe IX of France.

In history, the number 13 has been seen to be a terrible omen, especially when it falls on a Friday. Friday was always a misfortune, according to Geoffrey Chauncer’s Canterbury Tales from the 14th century. This is due to the fact that in the United Kingdom, individuals with death sentence were hung on Fridays. Anyway, it’s all just  but a superstition.

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