Homa Bay: Tension As 6 Houses Torched Over Alleged Cow Theft

Tension has gripped Kuoyo village in Ndhiwa, Homa Bay County, after angry residents torched six houses in three different homes whose owners are accused of stealing cows.

The suspects are accused of stealing eight cows in Kadem in the neighbouring Migori county and Kanyadoto within Ndhiwa Sub County over the weekend.

According to North Kaganda assistant chief, Netto Otieno Aketch, the suspects stole three cows from Kadem on Saturday night using a pick-up vehicle.

They are said to have proceeded to a homestead within Kalamindi village in North Kaganda where they were caught slaughtering one cow at night before they disappeared in the dark.

Mr. Akech says the mob who were following the stolen cows from Kadem teamed up with the residents of Kanyatodo and stormed three homes belonging to the suspects before setting a blaze six houses.

The administrator said four stolen cows from the Kanyatodo area were found hidden in a sugarcane plantation, noting that they recovered a total of eight cows in total.

The herd was taken to Ndhiwa police station.

He further confirmed that one suspect was also arrested Sunday evening and he is being detained at the same police station. 

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