The Iconic Sirikoi Dies Aged 8

One of the most famous and charismatic male lions in the country, Sirikoi, has died.

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The Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) on Saturday said Sirikoi succumbed to undisclosed illness at his habitat in the Nairobi National Park.

“A king has rested,” read the statement describing Sirikoi, who was born in January 2014 in the Sosian Valley and who was a member of the MF family, one of the dominant and charismatic pride.

Sirikoi was a majestic lion with tactical and amazing hunting skills that enabled him to take down big prey like giraffes and buffaloes solely alone, according to the KWS.

“Notably, he had a distinctive dark mane which is a strong indicator of a lion’s health, vigour and strength as well as testosterone levels.”

A beloved among tourists and photographers, the lion is one of the most filmed in the city park due to his unique hunting skills.

He was once captured by wildlife photographer, Jose Fragozo, while facing off with a buffalo in a picture that went viral on social media.

Sirikoi will be immortalised at the National Museum of Kenya, as an icon of Nairobi National Park.

Kenya’s lion population stood at 2,000 during the recent wildlife census from Kenya’s Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife released in August 2021.


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