Employees Accused Of Stealing Cash From Jalang’o Surrender

Eli and Litiema, employees who are accused of stealing from Langata MP aspirant Jalang’o surrendered themselves after days of hiding.

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According to Jalang’o, his two domestic workers who stole money and fled away from his Nairobi home on June 4.

“They have actually reached out already and it is a case with the police now,” Jalang’o told Eve Mungai.

Jalang’o expressed his disappointment at how the two could betray him yet he had treated them as family and even helped them to build their brands on social media.

“It is the biggest betrayal I have ever had in my life and I hope it doesn’t change how I see people. Where you help people but they are only waiting for a chance to break the trust you have.

I need to sit down with them and ask what really happened, but I will forgive them, but I don’t think I can ever have them at work anymore.”

The comedian cum politician recalled how the two disappeared from his home mysteriously and went ahead to flee the city only with their clothes.

“My daughter’s art was in the car , on Saturday morning she came to the bedroom asking for car keys to go get her arts. She got it and Eli and Litiema started washing the cars. They found the money, it has never occurred to me that they could do this because they are people who have never taken anything in my home,” he said.

Contrary to widespread reports, Jalang’o says the money was not intended for his campaigns, but a project he is pursuing with a friend.

Earlier, he had said that the two got away with Ksh 100,000, then later on claimed that it was Ksh 1,000,000. 


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