The MISTAKE You keep making that is holding your potential

Most people make the mistake of thinking that one day, it will be over. They think, ‘…if I wait enough or work enough then a day will come when I will be free’.

For example, you are a student studying for a degree and say, ‘when I’m done with this degree, I’ll get a job and my financial problems will be settled.’ Or you are a lady & say, ‘…someday I’ll bump into a rich man, get married and things will be different & I will do whatever I want with my life’. Some people have even gone to an extent of creating fantasy, like gamblers; that one day I’m going to win the jackpot & BOOM! I’ll be sorted. Look, that’s not going to happening. That one day will never come. Let’s be honest, this is not faith this is ignorance inspired by the fear of what is. We can call it illusion.

Such beliefs or mindsets make you weak, lazy & they hold onto your happiness. They limit you from exposure to growth because something inside tells you, ‘…let’s be comfortable’. The real challenge here is to embrace your current reality & find your light through it.

Let’s look at a student studying for a degree for example. You finish your degree, you get a job; good! That day has come. So, you start paying rent and sorting bills then you create another day.


‘One day, I’m going to build my own home and rent issues will be no more.’

 You have your own home then there comes school fees. Then you create another ‘one day…!!!’.

Of course, chances are valid that as a gambler you will win the jackpot, but my point is not whether you win the jackpot or not – the point is; trying to live a life that is not there. This is because more things will be linked to whatever you’re waiting for, therefore you will keep waiting. Something tells you that the future has a better salvation than NOW.

But have you not heard the saying, ‘Tomorrow TODAY’?

 So, if you see life as a process of creating yourself by growing with every moment, rather than waiting for imaginary moments or rather than tying your happiness to other things… then this way, you avoid much frustrations. You won’t notice the existence of such things we wait for if we live in every moment. You will be at peace, you – will be happy.

The point of emphasis is;

…just know you have a dream & live every moment right, to be contented with every moment. Whatever you waiting for will just come when it’s time. That kind of ‘waiting’ doesn’t make it come faster. So, start living now – don’t wait any longer.


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