Governor Mike Sonko reveals his HIV status in court & sues The Star

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has revealed his HIV status further instituting a law suit against The Star Newspaper for alleged defamation.

Through lawyer Cecil Miller, the Nairobi Governor argues that the local newspaper breached the freedom of the press thereby exposing him to embarrassment and public ridicule.

He argues that the article claiming that his HIV status is positive are false, baseless and abusive adding that he has never contracted the virus .

“The defendants published the said words calculating thereby to increase the readership and website with a view to making a profit from the sale of advertising space and airtime,” court papers read.

He said that he has suffered enormous loss as his reputation, integrity, dignity amongst ‘right thinking members of the society’, his colleagues and superiors has been tarnished.

“By reason of the matters aforesaid I have been deeply defamed and I have suffered damages,’’ reads court papers.

According to the Governor, the contents of the said publication on June 7, 2019 alluded that he is a fugitive hence not fit to hold public office and that he is an immoral person who is infected with HIV.

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Sonko had earlier written a demand letter seeking an apology over the story and warned that he would sue The Star if they declined to oblige.

“The malicious and spiteful statement were published without inquiring into the truth or falsity and counter-checking with our clients on the issues published,” reads part of the letter.


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