Kalekye Mumo confesses her thirst for Timmy Tdat

Kasabuni’s finest Timmy Tdat is undoubtfully the darling of many when it comes to going shirtless.

Kalekye Mumo was let with no choice but to confess that she admires Timmy Tat’s chest.

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Timmy Tdat is a hardworking artiste when it comes to the gym and he never disappoints in his performances with a ripped body.

He is arguably the most energetic performer and entertainer.

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Kalekye Mumo through her show, Uncut, was speaking to rapper King Kaka when she phone-called Timmy.

The Uncut show was born after Kalekye ditched TV for her own show which has no ‘filters’ and says things as they are.

“Tuseme tu ukweli yaani, we ukitoanga tu shati hivi yaani huwa nadie, karibu nafaint”.


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