Why the holy spirit has banned Kibra students from education

Education is the key to success but to some people its a distraction in life. Rebellion has been involved in  a new shocking mix whereby ‘when Jesus says no,nobody can say yes’ statement is being used to ban education.

A woman in Kibra was, on Monday, arrested when she withdrew her two daughters from school claiming that the new curriculum was satanic.

Lilian Manyasi, who is believed to belong to a cult, kept her children from school over her religious beliefs.She added that the NEMIS system was being used to introduce children to demonic activities.

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Lilian Manyasi

“The NEMIS system that the government has introduced, the prophets (of her church) had visions that the tracking number for students is demonic,” she told journalists.

The girls’ father, George Ouma, was visibly distraught over his wife’s decision adding that she joined the cult that was guiding her actions.

“When I told them (the girls) to go to school they refused saying that the Holy Spirit had advised them no to,” he conveyed.

Image result for nemis satanic claims by Kibra woman images
George Ouma

Manyasi, however, remained adamant affirming that she would not back down in teaching the children of her religious beliefs.

“If I have to I will take them to do an artisan course even if it is embroidery,” she stated.

Neighbours intervened and reported the matter to the area chief when the children, both students of Spurgeons Academy, refused to go to school claiming that “it was not what God aspired for them”.


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